This will be the primary area that we would like to place articles and resources that you, as a parent, could find beneficial to you and the spiritual growth of your child.  Feel free to click on any of the pics below and see what articles/resources we would like to recommend.

Family connect

From Kindergarten through High School, our students at Bridge of Hope are learning the same topic every week.  The purpose of this guide is for the family to come together, pray, and discuss the topic they have been taught on Sunday and Wednesday of each week.

International Children's Ministries Response to COVID-19

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus has created an environment of uncertainty, confusion, and disruption for many of us. Daily life is changing as we heed the advice of health professionals and comply with governmental mandates to minimize the spread of the virus.

International Children’s Ministries is committed to supporting families, children’s ministry leaders, and local church ministries during this crisis. Over the past few days, our team has given attention to this issue by providing the following tools and resources:

"Helping and Serving Kids During Coronavirus" BLOG

This blog offers simple, practical ideas for guiding children physically, spiritually, and emotionally through this important time. Links are also provided to additional resources.

"Talking To Kids About Coronavirus" FACEBOOK LIVE

This video shares ideas for helping kids cope with their emotions during this health crisis, as well as best practices for local children’s ministries in regards to hygiene and cleaning procedures/policies.

Trusting God: Home Discipleship Lessons

Beginning March 18, Children’s Ministries will be releasing eight weekly discipleship lessons that parents can do with their children in their home. As families are being isolated, it is our desire to equip them with tools to guide their children biblically. These lessons, all developed around the theme of “Trusting God,” can be a valuable resource and perhaps bring families closer together while building their faith in God.

Articles & Documents

  • Teach Your Child To Pray

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  • A Parent-Child Discussion Guide on Spiritual Captivity

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  • Recognize signs of bullying: practical ways to protect our children

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  • What to do when a young person discloses abuse

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  • Why your child's misbehavior shouldn't be your next social media post

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  • Nextgen Prayer Guide for parents: Praying the Word of God for our children

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  • Three Tips For Reaching Kids In a Coronavirus World

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Bible Helps

As for me and my house, we will READ and STUDY the Word of God!

  • Bible App for Middle School Students, Teens, and Young Adults

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  • new city catechism:

    Enhance your devotional time with your teens

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  • Bible app for kids

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  • Superbook Kids Bible

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