BOH Camp Maranatha Scholarship

The Bridge of Hope Church offers partial scholarships (50% of tuition) to prospective campers whose family requests assistance due to financial need or hardship.  This assistance is available to any child who regularly attends children's ministries or youth ministry at Bridge of Hope Church.  We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to attend camp.

The expectations for those who receive a BOH Scholarship towards Camp Maranatha:

  • The Camper must exhibit financial need or hardship.
  • Camper is self-motivated and wants to participate under the guidelines of Camp Maranatha
  • Camper is between the ages of 5 to 18 years old.
  • Camper is ready to sleep away from home.
  • Camper has no history of behavioral problems that have resulted in removal from school or another camp.
  • Camper's family or guardian supports their attendance at Camp Maranatha.
  • If possible, camper requesting scholarship will contribute time and labor towards the BOH Camp Maranatha fundraising efforts.

Note: Scholarships are available to assist families that are experiencing financial hardships and that have submitted a registration form

before May 8, 2019.

General BOH Family assistance

Any BOH Family who has more than one child attending Camp Maranatha is entitled to receive assistance from the BOH Camp Maranatha fund in the following way:

  • Camper who has largest tuition will pay full tuition.
  • Each additional camper from the same family will receive a $10.00 discount.